Security awareness training

Within the security awareness training, I will help you raise the awareness of your employees by providing interactive training with the support of a presentation and exercises. The training is designed for total beginners, so no prior knowledge of security is required. Currently I can only give this training in the region of The Hague.

Why securiy awareness training

The majority of all security incidents are caused by human error. For example, people click on a phising links, USB sticks getting lost or unknowingly sharing information with unauthorized people. The employee is often not aware of the important role they play in the information security of their organization. By raising their security awareness, you help your employees and your organization protect themselves against social engineering attacks and unconscious action.

Subjects inside the training

  • Social engineering and the methods/tricks used.
  • Phishing (including vhishing and domain phishing)
  • Password use and password managers
  • Malware (Virussen)

Security Issue / Question

Do you have questions about the security of your computer systems, webshop, the GDPR or another security issue, but you do not know to whom to ask? Contact me and who knows we can mean something to each other.