Level Goal
There are 2 files in the homedirectory: passwords.old and passwords.new. The password for the next level is in passwords.new and is the only line that has been changed between passwords.old and passwords.new

NOTE: if you have solved this level and see ‘Byebye!’ when trying to log into bandit18, this is related to the next level, bandit19

Commands you may need to solve this level: cat, grep, ls, diff

We already had a file for the sshkey from bandit14, we don’t need that one anymore so lets edit this file with the new sshkey and use it to connect to bandit17.

So the instructions tells us to check the diff command. Lets scroll through the manpage on how to use this command
man diff

Okay seems like we can just use diff with and give the path to the 2 files. Lets see wich files there are in the home directory with ls -la. We got a file named password.new and password.old, lets use diff in these 2 files and see the output
diff password.new password.old

< hlbSBPAWJmL6WFDb06gpTx1pPButblOA --- > kfBf3eYk5BPBRzwjqutbbfE887SVc5Yd

I think this means that the line with < got removed and the line with > got added. Lets try this password on bandit18.

It works and logs me out immediately but this should happen (look at the goal). We were logged into 18, so it worked.