Level Goal
There is a git repository at ssh://bandit27-git@localhost/home/bandit27-git/repo. The password for the user bandit27-git is the same as for the user bandit27. Clone the repository and find the password for the next level.

Okay so lets clone the repository by doing git clone ssh://bandit27-git@localhost/home/bandit27-git/repo. Permission denied? Ooh yeah we are in the home directory, lets go to my tmp folder. cd /tmp/kadeeli and retry the clone and it works. Maybe you are supposed to download it to your own pc since it did setup an SSH connection.

Anyway, there is a directorie called repo. Lets enter this directory cd repo and see what is in here ls -la. There is a README file, lets see the contents cat README

There is the password of the next level: 0ef186ac70e04ea33b4c1853d2526fa2