Level Goal
The password for the next level is stored in the only human-readable file in the inhere directory. Tip: if your terminal is messed up, try the “reset” command.

Lets do an ‘ls -la’ to find all files in the current directory. There is a directory inhere. Lets go to this directory.
ls -la
cd inhere

Now we should do another ‘ls -la’ to see all the files in this directory.
ls -la

So there are different files in this directory, all starting with the name -file0 and then 1 to 9. to cat these files we need to write the whole path because there is a symbol in the filename.
cat /home/bandit4/inhere/-file00

After catting all the files we found the password. Because the output is not readably you can reset the terminal with the command ‘reset’ or just by pressing ‘ctr c’

there is the password.