After logging in we see the same message as a couple challanges ago: You are logged in as a regular user. Login as an admin to retrieve credentials for natas21.

After having a look at the sourcecode I could not find something special. Lets input some names.

  • The value of PHPSESSID seems to be totally changing without any output:
    – mvstor4443f13ka1vq99827906
    – 4s83chrl0hfabukil5t7rpej63
  • Same when putting some input like “A”
    – 6jhcl2screlh89nc8i5k6a7331
    – ik2f4oi9dos276meogdc7a8dr1

To be honest I have no clue on how to complete this challenge. After reading a walkthrough I figured it might be a bit to hard for me to do now. I will go further with the Natas challanges after exploring some more experience with webapps.